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December 11, 2006

There is nothing better than GOOD FRIENDS, those that stick with you through thick and thin! :) Just wanted to post some pics of us having a good time hanging out!!! I have so much to be thankful for!

Mimi ( PRO) Amanda ( PRO) Me ( uhhhh 2nd) , Jess...future 2007 PRO!!!

Jon , Bradley ....and whose that pinching Brads ear?? MAMA MIMI!

Check out this article by a girl I trained...esp the last part!


I did my first OLYMPIC LIFTING training session yesterday at COFFEE's Gym in Atlanta...I have some great videos that will be posted soon!!!! That is all I am going to say about that ...;););)

November 29, 2006

You have to understand, the SEIPLE family lovessss Christmas! But the reason we love it is because of what it stands for. Its not the commerical aspect of Christmas ...and YES I AM SAYING CHRISTMAS!! I get irked everytime I see people trying to squelch the term. CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS! Go ahead try to make me stop ....:) If it wasn't for this HOLIDAY we would not be where we are today! My family and I celebrate Christmas to celebrate the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! I encourage you all to think about that this Christmas and in doing so try not to get so wrapped up in the material side of the holiday but think about the blessings you have in your life and how you can perhaps help someone in need.
Now....that I am done preaching....How was everyones Thanksgiving? I was in Atlanta for mine and had a GREAT TIME! I baked my apple pie. Now I don't know if it was really that good or not , but everyone was polite enough to pretend it was good:) The weather has been fabulous for this time of year, however I would MUCH rather it be COLD! Gives me the opportunity to cover up my post contest FLUFF! LOL
I haven't started my Christmas Shopping yet...and I have soooooo many people to shop for and I have no idea how Ill get that done but I will find a way:) I always do. One thing I am so terribly excited for is my sister is having another baby, a girl. She is not scheduled to arrive until Jan 4 BUT I keep praying for an early Christmas present. That would be so NEAT! We are also celebrating my grandmothers 90th birthday this month. Can you believe that? 90...and she still is able to take care of herself, despite the fact she is blind. She is one remarkable woman to say the least. I admire her so much. Shes someone you can consider a hero.
I have been asked on so many occasions..."Well Elena...what is next? You can't give up on bodybuilding, you are SOO CLOSE...next year is your year!" Um I have heard this since 2000. LOL And its ok:) I have a plan...I am just not discussing it ...yet:) See I have found there are some things in this life that are much bigger than bodybuilding. I love the sport , don't get me wrong and I love competing....but there are somethings that I desire in life that I am going after righit now and you have to stay tuned to see what is going to occur!!!!!:):):) One of them is I am starting my own business.....and the rest ...you will have to wait and see:):):) For now I am enjoying each day ! I am in a good place...I am happy, content and just following the plan set forth before me. Its neat when you are no longer in the drivers seat and are trusting God to lead the way! Makes life so much less stressful~!

November 17, 2006

What a GREAT nationals! Let me start by saying that! I felt the show was very well run ...from weigh ins to the finals. It wasn't the best venue that they have had it at but all in all everything went smoothly! Those that run these shows do a fantastic job!

Now...the contest....I want to state here that I was honored to be the first to congratulate DEBI Lazewski on becoming a pro. To take second to a talented and much deserved bodybuilder such as herself was fantastic. Since 1999 when I saw her NOT win I was a fan and have been over the years and she will make a fantastic pro! So CONGRATS to you Debbie! Back stage we knew it was going to be a tough prejudging.... But Debbi I am truly and honestly so HAPPY FOR YOU!!!

Kristy Hawkins...what can I say, just gets better and better every year. Ed and Betty, you did a fantastic job! Congrats! And to you Kristy I was honored to be up there and compared to you as well and compared so thoroughly. The judges did a fantastic job at allowing the LHW class really work for the title. I had the opportunity to converse with Kristy alot as she prepped for the show and if you knew HALF the stuff she was doing with school while training its even more so amazing the conditioning she had on stage.

I have to comment on a few other athletes in my class. Now I didn't know evveryone but everyone seemed great...But I have to make mention of a few as well:Angie Salvango...you had a great year and its so tough to diet for two shows yet you still looked amazing! Your routine was fun

Good luck next yearHolly Gearson....you know I said it to you and to Robin but I was and still am amazed at the changes you made and please do not get discouraged and I want to see you in the top of the class next year!!!!

Last but not least...Amy Neal...Who took 5th in the class....You looked AMAZING!!! I am so happy for you You and your trainer did a fabulous job dialing you in Next year....

.Last but definately not least I have to thank some very very important people in my life who made this nationals the most amazing trip to a national event in my life....I got in on Wed...came down alone at first. Yet I was taken care of tremendously by two very very important people in my life...Amanda Dunbar and Mimi Jabalee. They went out of their way to take care of me and they did such a wonderful job just doing anything to make sure I didn't stress You guys , I can't say thank you enough and I am so blessed to you have you guys in mylife. SEE YOU IN ATLANTA!!

Justin Harris of TROPONINNUTRITION.com my trainer who has batted 1000 at producing me my 3rd 2nd place finish with him at the helm and my 4th 2nd place finish since 2000. Thank you for your time and your brains

And finally Brad , who was able to join me on Friday, for just supporting me and being there for me and taking care of me Keeping me calm and STRESS FREE !!! You know how much it means to me !I have had such a great time at this show.

I am thrilled for all the girls that won!!!! Maybe next time LOL For those of you who know me...know the year that I had prior to this show. I can't complain about what happened in my life , it was a big wakeup call. God just needed to get my attention about a lot of things. Got my head on straight to say the least and allowed me to have a new outlook on life and a new attitude . It carried over into the prep for the nationals and to the show iteself. I surrounded myself by positive people and great friends. I have no regret and am thankful that I had the opportunity to compete. I keep saying God hasn't allowed me to win, to keep me humble! And I can live with that! I have won already in many other ways , I don't need a trophy with first place on it to define my life as a winner!

PSS: Its okay that I don't have a pro card. I am truly at peace with it. I believe its Gods way of keeping me humble and keeping me from getting prideful. God has blessed me with success in many areas of life...I don't need a trophy to define my success In the long run, a trophy will gather dust....the important thing to ask is in 10 years what will do you want to be remembered for?And did you do anything that truly mattered? Those are my bigger focuses in life....do i love competing, HECK YEAH but i am no longer allowing it to define my life and who I am and I am satisfied with my accomplishments!

November 1, 2006

For those of you who know me, typically I would be ranting and raving about how close the show is and how excited I am about nationals...however its very different this year. Yes, I am 1.5 weeks out from my 6th try at Nationals. And its not the only thing on my mind...And it feels good! Bodybuilding was SUCH a priority in my life I let go of so much and hurt many. This time as I prepared for this show I didn't let it become Number 1. I allowed myself to participate in things I typically would have not done because i was dieting. I found you can balance it all. I didn't miss out on Family Reuinions, or dinners. If I had to work late or go on a business trip I didn't stress. I brought my food as I normally would but I didn't let it consume me. This time its been the least amount of stress preparing for a show.

I apologize to all I have hurt over the years while preparing for shows...and for putting other things first and for always looking out for NUMBER 1!! The following was sent to me and I thought it was pretty good....

Keeping First Things First
Today's Scripture
"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." (Matthew 6:33)
Today's Word from Joel and Victoria
People who experience the joy, blessings and favor of the Lord are different in one key area: they put the most important things in life at the top of their list where they belong. If you want to experience God's best in your life, stay focused on Him and on the things that truly matter. The Bible says to first aim at and then strive after God's kingdom and righteousness—which simply means to do things God's way. To reach your full potential and be everything God intends you to be, make sure His priorities are your priorities. Doing this will help you make wise use of your time and help you to experiencie God's best.
A Prayer for Today
God, thank You for explaining in Your Word what is really important in life. Help me to get my priorities in life in the right order, and then keep the most important things first. I claim Your power and wisdom today as I seek to make You and Your kingdom the focus of my day. In Jesus' name. Amen.
Read another Word with Joel & Victoria

October 2, 2006

6 weeks out from the NATIONALS......this is a picture REG BRADFORD shot of me...One of my favorite pics....I have so many coming to my website...stay tuned:)

September 26, 2006

Well the pictures are coming in from the WORLDS STRONGMAN and will be posted shortly! Here are a few samples of them! Stay tuned for the gallery to be posted!

I was at the Atlantic City PRO SHOW this

weekend and it was FABULOUS! The Promoters really ran a smooth show! I am here at 6.5 weeks out and under 150 pounds and doing double cardio sessions , first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Next weekend though I am doing the Strongman Nationals in Mass! I am excited. Ill be in the OPEN class which is the heavier weights! YIKES! Ill be weighing about 147-148 at the show. Last week in training though I almost loaded the 310 STONE to a 40" platform. I got it to the lip of the box....ARG! I am sure once I am to full strength and not dieting I will be able to load the stone! But I was just happy to get it off the ground...A few weeks ago I barely cracked it! YAY! So at least I am not losing strength yet as I diet which is a good and bad thing. It could mean I am just not lean enough:) LOL

The nationals will be a good time in Miami! I just am excited and want to have a good time. I have a ton of great photo shoots line up....and this weekend Im shooting with the great REG BRADFORD....and I know he can make me look good:) LOL I just can't wait to see all my old friends too . Its so much fun just to catch up back stage with everyone! I have been in touch with Isabelle Turell alot ( she is running a strongman show in Nov...YAY) and I know she is going to be gunning for her pro card along with Debi Lazewki, myself and Angie who lookes incredible right now ( i saw pics of her that just look awesome) . I am the tubby one of the crew right now! lol

I just performed an interview for a polish fitness magazine today! I am excited to see how that comes out. I have to say they were so friendly and welcoming over there....It was a completely different experience than what you get in the US with Bodybuilding. TOTALLY different. You were treated like you were somebody over there...LOL I hope to get invited next year.

Well Ill leave you with these pics from the weekend:)

September 20, 2006

Well here we are 7.5 weeks out from the Nationals....And what can I say? I have a LOT OF WORK TO DO!!!! This is not an easy diet for me this year...I think because I have so much going on...But on the flip side my outlook is different and my attitude is different so that makes it much better. I can't complain you know? I have had the opportunity to participate in some pretty darn good experiences this year right? I have accomplished so much since last year that I have so much to be thankful for! This Nationals is going to be a tough nationals, and I am up against some really great competitors....A top 5 finish will be FANTASTIC...of course a WIN would be icing on the cake:) I am doing my best to come in the BEST I can be, but you never know if thats going to be enough as my best may not be better than someone else ...Debi Lazewski, Angie Salvango , Isabelle Turell and the list goes on of great girls that will be in that class....Hmmm perhaps Ill be heavyweight...or better yet a middleweight...lol Just kidding!

I used to put so much emphasis on the WIN that i lost focus of the love I have for competing. It also turned me into an ugly person on the inside...YUCK! SOOOO being that God gives people second chances...I have considered 2006 my year of second chances...I had so much change...well my entire life basically changed....and here I am ...square one...doing what I love to do:) And regardless of the outcome of Nationals...If I win GREAT....but I still have to come home and go back to work on TUESDAY:) :) :) LOL

Oh and being I am a GLUTTON for punishment...I am doing the USA STRONGMAN NATIONALS October 7th...What can I say? I just am having a great time !

Good luck to all who are doing both Nationals Strongman and Nationals Bodybuilding:) See you there:)

September 12, 2006

We left last thursday at 7pm to being my treck to represent the USA at the WORLD STRONGMAN CHAMPIONSHIPS in Poland. First I was honored that I was asked to go considering I just started competing in this this year...I am quite the rookie. I knew going into this I was at a disadvantage due to the fact I am dieting for NPC Nationals...but I wanted to see how I compared to the European woman and accepted the invite. Justin had to work my diet around the show and we did ok....

We landed in Warsaw at about 5pm on Friday night to begin a 400km journey to the city Poznan where the show would be held. Wewere greeted very warmly by the Promoter of the show and sat down to dinner upon my arrival with current Champ Aneta Florczyk. I hit the hay around 12:00PM ( mind you I had not slept since Thursday...)

Things are a bit different over there but we had to adjust...no clocks or phones in the rooms and so on....I couldn't use my blowdryer and we could not find the plug converters...would you believe the woman from the front desk brought her blow dryer from home for me to use? I was very appreciative of that.

Saturday I went over to the venue and did a walk through on some apparatus One in particular is the weight for height. Its about a 30 pound implement you have to throw backwards over a wall thing. We don't really do this much in the US so I had no experience. So they taught me that day..and I stunk at it. I figured I would lose that event......But you'll see....as you read on

We went back to the hotel and ate and tried to rest up for the next day BUT there were two weddings at the hotel.....and inPoland ....weddings never stop. The party started at 4pm and continued to 4am and it was right below my room. So no sleep the night before the comp. I got about 3 hours....ughhhhhh So that was not a good thing.

I got to meet the other girls at this time and let me tell you...everyone was friendly . Everyone was respectful. I might have to go back to Europe and visit my new friends.:)

Sunday after breakfast they picked us up in a Limo. Now in Poland this is a BIGDEAL. THey were expecting 10,000 spectators....people treating you like you are somebody. Autotgraphs, photos....television, interviews....magazines....It was absolutely amazing and wonderful. Everyone was just awesome. We were given clothes to wear....for every event...we changed in between events... This was the heaviest strongwoman and biggest strongwoman and most events for strongwomen ever I was told.

Ok the run down...there were 8 events. I did good in some events, ok in others and 2 of them just did not have a good day with....and if you do bad in an event its very hard to make that ground up...and heres what happened....In the deadlift which is MY BEST EVENT it was in a cart withweight in it....in practice I Got it EASILY and so did Aneta...I knew I could be top 3 in this event....but what happened me , Aneta and Gemma went last and the weight had moved forward going from a 400 pound lift to over 500 and no one noticed at first.... the weight was in a cart loaded in the back of it, and had moved forward with each person so it got heavier and heavier....when I got up there... I could not figure out what was going on and why this weight was all of a sudden so heavy. Aneta managed only one rep herself which was odd as she was pounding them out in practice. Gemma ended up passing out and hitting her head....But nothing you can do so I lost an enormous amount of potential points on that...and then in the Conans wheel they don't have it adjust for height so I was by far the smallest in the show...150 pounds and the heaviest was 230 pounds....and I was the shortest by a ong shot...so the conans wheel didn'tclearn the ground but by 2 inches...and it swings and the basket hit the ground when I was walking and that means you are done...typically i get at least 6" clearance if not more and do pretty good in this event...( i hate this event by the way...lol).so that set me back big time....

The 485 pound car deadlift hold I did very well in , holding it for 30 seconds.I had to go by myself so they let me go against one of the Polish strongman and the weight for himwas nothing so he was standing on one leg having a good time with it....lol I think I was 4th in that event or 5th not sure. The log press and weight for height I did very well in, 3rd in both those events. And the weight for height was hysterical as everyone that saw me the day before do terrible at it were just having a great time as I was each time i made the height and they would raise it. In the log the fact that I was so small and did them so well was a big deal and this huge strongman picked me up and carried me across the field....LOL The yoke walk didn't do well in and I knew I wouldn't as that is my worst event....THe farmers and shield carry I did well in personally but not good enough for points. All in all I was happy with how I performed...I know I could have done better and next year I hope I get invited back with a full year of experience under my belt , more trainig and NO DIETING this time. The lack of weight didn't help me in the 240 pound shield carry....I did 2 and half laps with it.... 25 meters is each lap...but I couldn't go fast because the weight would pull me forward....had I been heavier I could have gone faster and covered more ground before my grip gave out....oh well...NO excuses right?

The neat thing withstrongman is you stll win prize money regardless...and over there I was treated so well. I went to a gas station to get a drink and they did't let me pay.....just an autograph. They love and respect the women so much. They had a HUGE banquet for us in which they brought an enormous pig on a pole in that was cooked obviously....a slight difference inculture right? Banquet started at 10pm and I was back in the car at 1am on the way back to Warsaw to come back to the USA!

I had a wonderful wonderful time and would do it again if asked....Now Its time to focus on the Nationals in Strongman ( I wld like to at least try to be the US champ but I am up against some very tough competition) and the Nationals in Bodybuilding......The women in the show were all so wonderful. EVeryone had strengths everyone had weaknesses but everyone was friendly and despite language barriers from time to time I made new friends. We just bonded and I can't wait to see them again. Aneta Florczyk did win again and she is a machine and she is truly an amazing woman! The promotoer of the show Bogda was just amazing the man worked so hard and put on a wonderful event, It was like a HUGE festival! People just had a wondeful time , if only it were this big in the USA!
Gemma if you are reading this....I hope you are feeling better:)

Thank you again for all your support! I think if I concentrate next year on just strongman ( maybe) I have the potential do do well...I have faith in myself and those that train me and those that have given me inspiration. I do not say this to be cocky but I know I could have been better and I am going to train to be the best I can be.

I am thankful that God Kept us safe on our trip and kept us all injury free. Thank you all for your prayers.

September 6, 2006

WOW!! Been a while eh? Since I posted? There have been reasons for that....and as you read perhaps it will explain why:)

So much has gone on since last year ...So first let me start with clarifying something: When I decided to not compete again after last years Nationals...it had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE JUDGES...I was not in anyway shape or form upset with the judges . I know how I looked in Atlanta...and it was a toss up between Debi and Dena...both looked great and I got what I deserved, 3rd...I am quite ok with that. Doing two shows in one year is something i know I can't do....I came in my best at the USA...and to peak twice in one year just wasnt' going to happen...I also had a lot of stress in my life too...

With that said...lets move forward...to the present....

Where have I been what have I been doing the past few months...For starters I am doing the Nationals in Miami...I am doing it because I love to compete...i want to be on that stage with the same feeling I had the first time I did nationals in 2000 for the pure love of the sport. If I win I win...if not...seriously what changes in my life??? Ill still have to get up and go to work on Monday:)

Now tomorrow I get to do something I can guarantee 100% of the women that Ill be competing against in November may never get the opportunity to do. It would be great if they did get this opportunity ...But I am HONORED to have this opportunity....and that is I leave for POLAND tomorrow to represent the USA in the 2006 Worlds Strongest Woman competition. This is a big deal to me and I am grateful for this opportunity. I know there are other women in the USA better than me and I will have the opportunity to compete against them in October for the STRONGMAN Nationals :) Strongman is very different than bodybuilding and you have to train the muscles and nerves to work differently. Instead of squatting 500 pounds I have to take it for a walk....and this utilizes different muscles. In Poland Ill be going up against THE BEST in the world. I am at a slight disadvantage as Ill be only about 148-150 in weight and most are heavier than that. Some events Ill be strong on and others Ill struggle Its hard to be great in all strongman events. Taller people have advantages in some events, shorter in others. Bigger girls in the power events, smaller girls in the speed events. Its a test of everything, strength, power, endurance and mental toughness. I leave tomorrow and get there on Friday. I don't get much time to rest for the competition. I also am dieting for nationals while doign this. We had to adjust my food some which means when I get back from POLAND double sessions of cardio will occurr to catch me up for nationals. As long as my nutritionist Justin Harris of TROPONINNUTRITION.com is not worried I won't worry...( yeah right...i always worry)

The following week when I get back I am going to go to Atlanta to hang out with some VERY GOOD FRIENDS:) Amanda Dunbar and Mimi Jabalee... And meet some people I have admired over the years...ie Powerlifter Kara Bohigan who has been in correspondance with me . Its funny I have admired her for years...she has been a role model of mine...and here she is just as excited to meet me as I am her...I am very excited:)

For those of you who have been around me lately have noticed I have changed....My priorities in life have changed. Many of you have known I am a Christian, but over the years Bodybuilding has become #1 in my life over all else and that is wrong...and I can't live my life that way anymore. God is the most important thing in my life, followed by family etc. It took some hard times , trials and what not to get my attention but the best part about being in Gods Family is He allows us to make mistakes and uses those mistakes to mold us and make us into better people for His glory.

So in light of this...I ask you all to pray for me as I go to Poland...that I have a safe flight to and from ( I come back Sept 11.....yikes) And that I stay healthy and that all the women remain healthy and no one gets hurt....

Thanks again for always supporting me and being fans and friends!

August 25, 2006

I just wanted to wish so many great women GOOD LUCK this weekend at the EUROPA!! I am excited to see so many new pros competing and some of the more seasoned ones. Its going to be a GREAT SHOW! I know that its the first show for some, IE Dena Westerfield who won the Nationals in 25, and Gina Davis who won the Nationals in 04. I have many women that mean a lot to me as we have all grown up in this sport it seems together...and I wish them the best!

So good luck to:
Collette Nelson, Gina Davis, Dena Westerfield, Robin Parker, Kim Perez, Heather Foster, Sara Dunlap, Jeannie Paparone and all the other women that are going to be on stage:)

August 10, 2006

My thought for the day:


**August 12- Hudson Valley Strongman -NY -Won the womens HeavyWeight Division.
120 pound yoke press for reps in a minute.
450 pound tire flip ( 4 flips ) and 3 Power Stairs with 175 pounds
65 Pound 2.5" diameter dumbell hold for time (fat handle)
400 Conans Wheel for distance
Stones 140-230 for time on 54"=48" boxes.

**September 8-11- Poland Strongwoman Competition (COMPETING)

**September 23- Atlantic City for the Atlantic City Pro Am (Judging, Attending)

**October 7-Womens Strongman Nationals - Wilmington, Ma (COMPETING)

The events are as follows. I am not sure if I will do heavyweight or take the OPEn Challenge...
1) Farmer’s Medley: A series of 4 Farmer’s Walk apparatus will be carried a distance of 25 feet each. Each set of implements will increase in weight. Implements will be lined up in a straight line. Chalk only, no suits. 60 second time limit.
Women HW = 150#, 165#, 190#, 215#
Open =165#, 190#, 215#, Frame (est. 450#)
2) Axle Press: A 2” axle will be cleaned from the ground and pressed over head for a maximum number of repetitions. The axle will be cleaned one time only. 60 second time limit. Women:
LW = 120# HW = 150# Open = 165#
3) Motorcycle Deadlift (Women): A motorcycle will be mounted on a traditional Car Deadlift apparatus. Straps allowed, but no suits allowed. The Bar will be in front and the athlete will face away from the apparatus. 60 second time limit.
LW = approx 375# HW = approx 425# Open = 475
#4) Atlas Stones: The stones will be placed directly in front of the boxes. 75 second time limit.
HW Stones – 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 242 (6 stones total)
Boxes – 64”, 60”, 56”, 52”, 48”, 42”
Open Stones – 140, 160, 180, 200, 220, 264
Boxes – Same as above
5)Medley: Finger – Tire - Drag.
HW One Flip with 350# finger, 3 Flips with 650# tire, and a 400# drag.
Open Same as above with a 450# drag.

**October 21- Golds Classic, NJ ( AM) (Judging)

**October 21-Guest Posing at the Mountain Valley Classic, Reading PA (PM) (Guest Posing)

**October 28-East Coast Classic-NJ (Judging)

**November 4- Eastern USA, NY ( Attending, possible competing as a tune up to Nationals)

**November 9-13-NPC Nationals Miami Florida (CCMPETING)

July 18, 2006

I picture is worth a thousand words.....JUSTINE DOHRING....she just did fantastic and won both shows and the overall! I am so proud of her!!! MORE TO COME.....

July 6, 2006

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Mine was rather quiet. I went and trained in the morning then went back to my parents for some lunch ( of which I didn't really partake in due to dieting) and then headed home. I had a quiet dinner and then just sat outside and listened to the fireworks going off in the distance. I was going to go watch them but the crowds this weekend were insane down here at the shore so I decline.

Last night I trained with Heather. We did shoulders and incorporated some techniques by Charles Glass...wow...what a difference that made. I also then had 2 clients I had to take a look at that are competing at the X-Calibur in 2 weeks. ( www.njnpc.org for information) Rose is doing figure ( she won the Jersey States) and Claudia will be a HW bodybuilder. Both look fantastic.

Tomorrow I am going to Delaware first to take a look at Justine who is 1 week out from her first show and looks amazing! And then over to spend the night at Renee's in MD as she is doing the Bodyrock on Saturday. I am so excited to see how she looks:)

Between Prejudging and Night show I will be shooting with TOM NINE who did the great photos of me at the Jr Nats last year so I am excited to meet up with him again , although I hate shooting offseason and pasty white...AH WELL!

Well...thats all now folks!

June 30, 2006

EVERYBODY READY FOR THE WEEKEND????? READY FOR THE 4th of JULY? I have to work Monday but the office is pretty quiet during this time as so many are off. But the traffic around here is ridiculous as everyone is coming down for the weekend.

Next weekend...BODYROCK! I have a girl named RENEE in it and I am so excited for her ! She has been so much fun to work with:):):) YAY!!

The following week is JESS ROHM!!! TEAM UNIVERSE!!! I am sooooooo nervous for her. It will be nice to watch another friend TURN PRO!

I am 20 weeks out....from Miami! I weigh 155...here are some recent shots:) Sigh...time to diet yet again:) I started leg training with HEATHER LEE again ( www.heatherleenj.com) who is getting ready for her FIRST Figure comp in NOV! Its always so much fun when we train together. I brought along with me a new friend ERIN who has a lot of potential. Our buddy Claudia decided the other night to do the X-Calibur..July 22...her FIRST bb show and Heather Lee and I are taking care of her. Heather with hair and makeup...me with posing, dialing her in and both of us keeping her calm. She has been dieting for several weeks , since APRIL and was not sure if she wanted to do a show. She is 150 right now....and this is the BEST she ever looked. I am so excited for her. So in that show I will have Claudia, Colleen, and Rose:) GOTTA LOVE IT!

Ok well...I will leave you with one more picture...and this is by far my favorite. There was a guy ina shower, taking off his Protan or what not and did it outside by the pool, he had no idea this was taken...But COME ON LADIES...when do we ever get this rare opportunity to observe something like this?????

June 19, 2006

PHEW....What can I say? I FINALLY WON :) YAY!!! Hey i keep taking 2nd, 3rd etc at the Nationals since 2000 IT FEELS GOOD TO GET A FIRST PLACE AWARD ( with the exception of my Powerlifting win in 2004...) And let me tell you it was a GREAT DAY! There were I believe 72 competitors.

So here's the recap.....

Started off with the Log press. Now they combined the lightweight women with the heavies so I had to do the heavy weight and beat the reps of the lighter women and lighter weight....Their log was 100 mine was 135. I clean and pressed 10 reps. The closest to me was 1 rep. But these girls worked hard. They got half points for cleans...so they were cleaning away.... I also clean and pressed the most reps men and women combined for the day.

Next event was my least favorite of the day...the farmers carry /sandbag medley. I had to carry 150 pounds in each hand 50 feet, drop it and carry a 180 pound sandbag 50 ft. I was happy that my farmer went easy....No problems there. I picked up the sandbag....and it started to slip out about half way and then pull me foward. To avoid falling over the bag, i just dropped it...regrouped picked it up and finished. I won this event for the women.

Then onto my FAVORITE event...the deadlift...Now this was not a normal dead...this is what they call an 18" deadlift so it is a deadlift off an 18" platform. It can work for or against you depending on your strenths. If you have a strongback it works in your favor. If you rely on your legs to deadlift it will work against you. The lightweights had to do 250 pounds for reps in a minute, I had to do 350 pounds in a minute. Now mind you they weigh around 138 and I was 155...so not to take away from the light weight girls but they are deadlifting only 112 over their bodyweight and I was deadlifting almost 200 pounds over my bodyweight...Anyway Little Courtney got up there and pulled 30 freaking reps...LOL talk about setting the bar high.....So I had no choice I had to pull 34 reps..... She really pushed me hard on that one. The neat part is she only got 19 the week before so that was so awesome to watch! That was one of the highlights of my day!

Now onto the TRUCK PUSH. This event is kinda fun....hard but fun. Its all about speed. I had to beat 12 seconds. My truck was weighted down too. So I changed up my technique courtesy of Pro Strongman Cameron Gardner and put my shoulder into it instead of using my arms. I had to go 50 ft and did it in 10 seconds. Also see th shoes I am wearing? They are my rock climbing shoes...so they made a big difference for me. The week before in practice I did it in like 13 seconds so I took of 3 for the show.

Finally onto the final portion of the show...THE STONES!! I love the stones. The first stone goes on the 60" platform and the middle ones on 48" and the final on a 40". I had the fasted load time of the day with 17 seconds. I loaded 90,100, 110,160 and 210 in that time . But the best part was again COURTNEY doing her stones. The lightweights had to do 70,90,100,110,160. Last week she struggled to get the 160 cracked or " off the ground" and she loaded it pretty easily if you ask me. That was so great to see ...she just had such a strong day.... WATCH OUT ALL YOU LIGHTWEIGHTS FOR THIS ONE:) LOL Just kidding Courtney, Jennie, Laura and MARYYYYYYYY were so great . They all worked so hard. It was truly a great experience.

ANd then to be surrounded by my buddies, Heather, Jess, Anne Sheehan, Darrin, Mark, Claudia, Dave, Rich, Chaz, Brandi, Pasqual,and Eli and Cameron...You guys made the day that much more special!!!

Jamie, Matt, Chris, and John.....you guys were so competitive...it was great to watch you battle it out for first. And Matt you with the darned tires, stones and then the 400 pound stone..>GEEEEEEEZ!!!! Jamie....don't forget the WENDY's next time....LOL Chris...way to get the log this time and just overall improvement....and John congrats on the LOG AWARD!! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM???? Alex, Laura and Arturo ...all of you did so good! It was so inspiring just to watch you all compete.

Matt, Buddy, Mike and the rest of the gang that ran the show...You did such a great great job!

Now...only 12 more days until I start to diet:)

PS...I may do the strongman nationals in OCT in MASS!! Just and FYI!

June 16, 2006

Tomorrow is the CENTRAL JERSEY STRONGMAN competition. I will be competing, SO WISH ME LUCK:)

Now, this is LONG overdue....but I have to say something and get it off my chest. Last year as I was training for the 2005 USA....I let my competitive nature and jealousy get in the way of a frienship I had for over 5 years. Instead of being happy for someone or standing up for them when the controversy arose over the USA...I just let it go. I realize I can't stop what people say on message boards or emails but I could have come to my friends defense and stated that I was proud of her. I ruined what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life. She accomplished something most of us dream about. Something I still dream about, albeit not as much as before. I handled things wrong...and the expense of anothers feelings, and my friendship......So in light of this....

Let me just say Amanda Dunbar (www.amandad.com) ...I am sorry...I should have been ecstatic for you and should have just thought for a second what you must have been feeling knowing you just won. If I could go back...that day would be very very very different. I am proud of you and am excited for you and your pro debut next year.

Let this be a lesson...never let anything get in the way of friendship....No matter what.

Ok ...now maybe I will win tomorrow :)

June 13, 2006




Trained by:

Elena M Seiple / www.protegenutrition.com

I am so proud of Rose! She came to me at 153 pounds 20 weeks ago and stepped on stage a gorgeous 118 pounds. She just shined up there and I am sooooooo proud of her!

2006 has just been an amazing year so far! I have had such a great opportunity to work with such awesome girls and they are all doing so great! Here is a picture of ROBIN ZAMP who took 4th in the Masters and Open figure in Michigan a few weeks ago and is still dieting for another upcoming show which she will come in even better shape:)

I don't have pics of all the girls I am helping right now, but I am going to post them over the next few days. I can't wait for you to see the pics of Colleen and Justine...SHREDDED both of them! Renee is 4 weeks from the BODYROCK! I will be there:) And Jess Rohm .....5 more weeks to the TEAM UNIVERSE!!!! ( I will be there too).

I know the Jr Nats are this weekend, I have not been following the sport too much lately as I got tired of the gossip and didn't want to get involved in any more he said she said baloney so I have no idea who is competing, with the exception of one woman who ...HOLY COW...is HARD AS NAILS! I ll post one of those later as I don't have them with me.

I was supposed to eat with my buddy HEATHER LEE ( www.heatherleenj.com ) tonight but she got tied up with some house stuff ( floors getting redone) So we will reschedule. We try to get together and have our girly dates :) I miss my buddy though as we don't get to train together and hang out as much since I moved.

Remember my friend CLAUDIA who won the CT Strongman? She was a good 190 solid but due to a bet is dieting down to 140! I got some recent pics of this beast...she looks great! Ill post them when I get a chance too! I think she should compete!

I am doing the Central Jersey Strongman this weekend in Hamilton, NJ ( for information www.nastrongman.com for directions go to www.hamiltonymca.com ) The 5 disciplines are as follows:

Log press 135 pounds for reps in a minute

Farmers Carry @ 150 pounds / Sanbag @120 pounds medley

18" Deadlift 350 pounds for reps in a minute

Truck Push 60' , timed

MY FAVORITE...THE STONES...90, 100, 110, 160, 210... The 90 pounder goes up on a 60" box, the 100-160 on a 48" or 50" something inch box, and the 210 goes on a 40" box. I loaded them this weekend in 23 seconds. I am feeling pretty good but anything can happen. You can't get to cozy in this sport. If there is no competition in the heavyweight class I will compete in the mens novice lightweight...the difference will be my log will be 190 ( which I can do) tire flip in stead of deadlift ( 500 pound tire and 650 pounder...i can do both) And the farmers is 180 and the sanbag is 180...and instead of a truck push its a truck pull and we will be pulling a H2. So we will see.

I am excited...nervous....i go back and forth with how I feel...LOL So stay tuned:)

June 5, 2006

I have to start by saying I am pretty excited. I weigh about 150 still give or take depending on the day and I am getting stronger and stronger even though I am not getting heavier. I trained at the "YARD" yesterday with Matt Keller and his gang. Matt is running the Hamilton Strongman Show in 2 weeks. I got to train with 2 other strongman GIRLS! They are in the lightweight class and are going to do great ! I was amazed at their strength.

We started with the farmers carry /sandbag medley. My farmers is 150 and the sandbag is 180. The farmers i am pretty confident in , but the sandbag even though its just 180, its an awkward 180 and tough to get off the ground as getting a good grip on it is tough. Plus the bag is slippery. This will be a nice challenge.

We then moved onto the log press. I usually work on a 10" log and my best is 180. The 8" log i worked on yesterday which for me is a bit harder. I did a personal best with 190 pounds....YAY!

Next up was my favorite ....the DEADLIFT. This will be an 18" deadlift. I pulled 585 yesterday. I just missed my lock out...I didn't use straps or anything...I am pretty confident I have a good 600 pounds in me. Ill do it again next week.

I was having problems breathing as the air was so thick...so that didn't help with the day ....

Last up yesterday was the STONES. I have to load a 90 on a 60" box, 100, 110, 160 on a another height which is like 50' something inches then 210 pound stone on a 48" box. I did them all rather easy which made me happy. I am used to training with a 250 pound stone so this felt pretty good and comfortable.

Who knows someday I m ay get the opportunity to compete in the same league as the great Jill Mills.....but that will come in time. In the meantime I am just training hard. I am qualified for the strongman nationals in October and may do them as I diet for the nationals as I will be in the lighter weight class.....who knows...that is still up in the air.

Jess Rohm is looking fantastic. I can't wait for TEAM U! THe rest of my gang, Justine and Renee for bodybuilding are on track...and COLLEEN has now decided to do the X-Calibur as a bodybuilder in July!!!! Robin is doing another figure show in 12 weeks and Rose is doing the Jersey this coming weekend and looks GREAT!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

Another thing I am excited about is this year seeing some of my peers make pro' debuts in bodybuilding...Gina Davis, Amanda Dunbar , Dena Westerfield, and Mimi who I have only ever talked to via email....these are all girls I have competed with and against and its fun to watch them go on and be successful. I realize I may never be on that stage , but i have come to accept that and now am enjoying training and competing for me. However its neat to see where these girls came from and now where they have gone...I am very excited and supportive.

Ok I must leave for work!!!


May 18, 2006

I forgot about my figure girl in MICHIGAN ...ROBIN who is competing this weekend as well! SHAME ON ME! She is going to do awesome! She is one of my PROTEGENUTRITION.COM clients! I am very excited for her!

When I first moved to my new place I needed to start to look for a new gym. I first went to WOW or WORK OUT WORLD....horrible. There is a trainer there from my old gym that even refused to say hello...as if he was too embarrassed to say hi to the girl with the muscles...Just did not like the atmosphere. So I went to OCEAN FITNESS.....In my opinion if you want me to train at your gym with a trainer...shouldn't the trainers be in shape??? I sound like a snob I know. Then I went to LA FITNESS...not a bad facility, has a lot to offer...But 3 things.....1) Very crowded....2) No close grip handles for low rows and close grip pulldowns....they had modified ones but not the ones that I love....3) members do not strip their weights so I spent every exercise cleaning off the weights before I could begin....MAJOR PET PEEVE.... So I went down the road and found my new home....POWERHOUSE GYM!!!! I found some old friends there and fellow competitors...the owner understands the needs of the athlete who needs to train! So I am very thankful to finally be someplace comfortable and know I can train the way I need to train to be the best I can be! YAY!

As far as many ask , well how do you look this offseason..well here is a pic from 3 weeks ago...or so....training ( with SHINGLES....) That is the axel clean and press I am doing. That is a 95 pound solid steel axel with 90 pounds added....Its a 2.5 inch bar so that adds to the difficulty of the grip.

This is me at about 150 pounds....

Well I am off to work....Ill write more later!

May 17, 2006

First....Updates have been sent to the webmaster...so we are ready to get back on track with the website! SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!! Between moving, new job, being sick...things just got behind.......But I appreciate you sticking with me!

SECOND....CONGRATS to COLLEEN MAHONY!! She was my client getting ready for the MID ATLANTIC this past weekend...at the age of 46 she took 2nd in the FIGURE TALL Class! She was not peaked yet either and we plan on brining her in 100% ready to the NPC Lehigh Valley in Allentown PA this weekend. All of you locals...come on out and cheer her on!

Also congrats to Tina who is Colleens client who took 5th in the same class and this was her first show!!!! She looked wonderful!

Finally congrats to Jill and Nancy! I only helped them with posing but they both looked beautiful on stage. Jill took 5th in the Figure Tall class and Nancy took 2nd in the Womens BB class!

My training is getting back on schedule! I am holding a good 150 pounds...a few pounds lighter than my typical off season. However...one thing has changed on me....my waist shrunk a little...so that can ONLY HELP ME! YAY!

I will be doing 2 more strongman shows this year....June in NJ and Aug in Fla...none are definate...but thats my goal.

For Nationals...I begin dieting July 1!!! So let the countdown begin!!!!

Rose is doing the Jersey....and I think she will make a FINE state CHAMP!!!!!

Oh FYI: JESS ROHM....is going to ROCK at TEAM UNIVERSE!!! You thought she was good last year????? WATCH OUT!!!

Justine Dohring...doing the Delaware State Show July 15.....is a girl after my own heart and is just really progressing in her diet...she is a BODYBUILDER...should be a Light Heavy!

Renee is doing the BodyRock and is looking AWESOME! She will be a lightweight.

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